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The "Núcleo Saúde Ambiental e Agropecuária Ltda" is a company specializing in marketing products Cleaning Products, Herbicides, Products and Equipment for Fumigation. Offering a complete line with quality and competitiveness.

Headquartered in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the company offers a unique service where dialogue, respect, education and attitude are our bases.

A serious company that is dedicated to developing the market, always thinking about the future of our customers.

Founded in 2004 to "Núcleo Saúde Ambiental e Agropecuária Ltda" is the union of professionals with complete knowledge of pest control in urban and agricultural products, thereby consolidating a highly skilled and specialized to meet the entire industry.

Being dedicated to the care of professionals working in the sector of urban pest control, chemical weed control, fumigation and public health, the company offers a unique service, with highly skilled professionals, extensive market segmentation, technical support and environmental policy.

In our structure we have an ample store with parking for customers, training center with capacity for 150 people where they are informative lectures and technical training, we have buffer stock for immediate delivery thereby minimizing potential shortages of products for our customers and deliver itself to Sao Paulo and Greater Sao Paulo.

A young and modern company with thoughts turned to the future, which is always looking for partners, diversifying and applying the best technologies in a matter of new products and equipment.

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